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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Appointments are scheduled!

I have no appointments this week or next but then BAM! I have 3 in one week! Finally got a call from the referral department today at Dr. W's office. My first appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) doctor is in a few weeks. I found out that I still see my regular OB (I'll refer to her as Dr. W). On the 13th I have my first appointment at W's office with the nurse to go over basic info for the pregnancy. Then on Tuesday the 14th I have another ultrasound to check to make sure they are all three hanging in there and growing. Then I have an appointment with Dr. W (and another scan) on Friday the 17th. Then the following Tuesday the 21st is with the MFM doc. Four appointments in 8 days, YEESH! I hope John isn't super busy that week since he will be taking care of Quinn a lot! Actually I think he would like to go to all of them except the one with the nurse. So, what to do with Quinn? I guess we'll take him along and pack some books and things to do to keep him occupied. I also got a couple of my questions answered today.... can I do any excersize? Ummm, no! Nothing. Zilch. Not even anything mild until we get another look at how the babies are doing. How easy do I have to take it? Basically, if I dont have to do it, dont. Just until we peak at the babies again.

I checked out a couple books from the library on twins, triplets, and quads so I should get some more information from there. The one thing that is shocking is that I am supposed to eat between 3500 and 4000 calories a day! EVERY DAY! WOW, that is a lot of food! Did I already post that in a different post? I cant remember, I am claiming pregnancy brain on my memory! Well, if I did, I am still struggling with the idea of eating that many calories every day. I am going to be as big as a house!

Ok, so remember last post I stupidly mentioned something about feeling ok and surely I would be plagued from then on out just for mentioning it? Well, the plague started today! Uuugh, what an awful, sickly day! I know I consumed nowhere near the amount of calories I should have today. Nothing sounded good and I felt on the verge of vomit so the thought of putting anything into my mouth was excruciating. I did manage to eat enough dinner to at least be able to take my prenatals and extra vitamin supplements. Let's hope this was just for today and tomorrow I will be feeling good again.


  1. Wow, that seems like SO many calories, right?! So is it 300 extra calories per baby? I'm assuming by the 2nd tri? You could request a nutritional consult, but I'm guessing your body will tell you what it needs... plenty of protein, veggies & fruits and some healthy carbs. You can do it!! Eat and snack throughout the day and one of my fave snacks... organic rice cake, smeared w/ organic PB, topped w/ banana slices or apple slice and EAT! So good and good for you!!! :D