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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garage Sales!!

I have ants in my pants! I want to start getting the things I'll need while there are garage sales to shop! But... I am afraid to buy too much before we have another ultrasound to make sure all three babies are growing and thriving.

I did buy a few things this weekend. There was one garage sale that had some preemie clothes at GREAT prices. Twenty five cents each for tops and fifty cents for two piece outfits. And they were in GREAT condition! I have been looking around for preemie clothes at the stores, mostly just because I want to see how teenie tiny and cute they are. Problem is, most stores don't carry preemie! So where do momma's of preemies get clothes?? Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby each only had a very small little rack of preemie clothes. None of the others stores carry preemie at all (Kohl's, JCP, Crazy 8, Gymboree, The Children's Place, Old Navy...). The only place that I have heard carries preemie that I havent checked out is Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory. I hate shopping the baby section in there, it is always so messy and unorganized. Not a fan!

Ok, back to my garage sale-ing... I bought a stack of preemie girl clothes (the garage sale was a woman who had twin girls). I sure do hope I have at least one girl!! I also bought a space save high chair that is the exact one we already have, and leap frog learn and groove table, and a pink bumbo seat. I cant wait to find out what we are having!!

I talked to the lady having the garage sale. She has a TON of girl clothes from preemie to 2Tish and they are all in wonderful condition and great prices. So I asked her what she is going with the stuff that doesnt sell. She isnt ready to donate it yet so she is likely going to hang onto it. I asked if I could get her name and number and give her a call once I find out what I am having. And if I am having a girl or two (or three) I will buy a bunch more of her clothes. So fingers crossed that I am growing some girls in there and that she still has stuff left!

The items that I am most worried about finding are cribs. The current nursery (that Quinn will be moving out of) has Sienna furniture (a deep cherry). I would really like to find two cribs that are at least the same color. But we'll see what we are able to find.

Ok, moving on from garages sales.... how am I feeling? I am feeling mostly 'ick' with a bit of 'terrible' thrown in here and there and once in awhile I feel ok and think I am going to get past this first trimester. This trimester is creeping by, I thought the second pregnancy was supposed to fly by?? SO far it is not, and I think it is because most times I dont feel very well.

Quinn has been saying "Momma BIIIG belly"! Little stinker! It isnt that big yet, I am barely showing. Little does he know that it is going to get MUCH MUCH bigger!! When I ask him if he wants mommy to have 3 babies he says "three girl babies" with a big smile on his face! So cute! He is going to regret that request if it comes true!


  1. Hi, I randomly came upon your blog via multiples and more and in reference to your preemie clothes search walmart actually carries a pretty good selection of preemie clothes too. Babies R us did have a decent selection when I needed them almost 4 years ago now. Im not sure where you are from but if you have a local multiples club that is honestly the best place to get clothes of all sizes (especially up to 2T). As you know kids grow so fast and up to about 2T most clothes are in great condition because they only get limited wear. I know a lot of our moms sell their preemie clothes at our bi annual sale....1) so that if another family needs the clothes but also we have teenages that actualy come looking to buy for their dolls and stuffed animals (isn't that hilarious). So if you have one in your town/city or nearby that would be my suggestion. And just for support as well. some of my best friends I have made through my multiples club!!! I know it would have had a lot harder time in those early years if it weren't for that support. I wish you nothing but the best with your growing three (and plus one at home :) ) as the cliche goes "you are definitely going to have your hands full". hehe! enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  2. If you have a Sears close by they have the BEST selection of preemie baby clothes and yes, so does Walmart. Dont buy too many preemie outfits, believe it or not, they will only be in them for about a month before moving onto newborn sizes!

  3. Thanks for the tips Alicea/Brandon and bmccrimm! I hadnt checked Sears, I sometimes forget about that store!

    I keep meaning to check out a local multiples group and just havent yet. Thanks for the support and advice!!

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