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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How did WE end up pregnant with Triplets?

Many people have asked if twins or triplets runs in the family. Others ask if we were on fertility drugs. People are naturally curious about how one comes to be pregnant with higher order multiples. So I'll give a little background about our fertility history.

As soon as John and I were married we knew we wanted to start a family right away. We already had five years together to go on vacations, we bought a house, etc. We were ready for the next phase of our lives. I began charting my cycles right away so I knew when I ovulated and it can also be used as diagnostic information to identify cycle issues. I could see right away that there were a few issues with my fertility. For one, I wasnt ovulating every month which obviously causes problems with conceiving. No egg = no baby! I went to the doctor after 6 months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. I showed my doctor my charts and she sent me to an OB/GYN that has experience with infertility.

The first intervention was to try Clomid, a fertility drug that facilitates ovulation. After 6 months I still was not pregnant. Next I had a Laporascopy where the doctor found that my ovaries were fused to my pelvis, uterus, and tubes. She was able to completely cut one ovary free and not the other. After the surgery, I was pregnant with my first baby two weeks later! It seemed that my fertility issues were solved!

Fast forward to one year ago.... John and I decided to grow our family again. After a year (again) of trying with no success I went to the doctor again (a different one this time, I didn't really care for the last one). She wanted to try CLomid again and also said that I will likely have to have surgery again because my ovaries could have fused again at any time. The first month of Clomid I was skeptical and had NO hopes that it was going to work, especially the first month.

I went in for an ultrasound just before ovulation to see if the Clomid worked. It did! I had 4 follicles growing so my chances of ovulating were very good. And for those who don't know exactly how women's reproduction works... the body produces follicles that release an egg. Each month one follicle takes the lead in growth and is released. As soon as that happens a hormone is produced that tells the body not to release any more eggs. In my case, my body didnt get that message! And since I am now pregnant with triplets I am assuming either all four eggs were released or at least three of them were!

So that is how we became pregnant with triplets!

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