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Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Right now I see three..."

On Thursday, May 26th, John and I ventured to the doctor's office with Quinn in tow for our first ultrasound of the this pregnancy. I knew there was a 'chance' of multiples so I wanted John to come along. Plus, I thought he would like an early look at our newest little miracle.

While in the waiting room we realized that we forgot Quinn's backpack in the car that has all of his little gadgets to keep him busy. Books, cars, toys... all things that can hold a little boy's interest while we were tending to other important things. Just as I was going to ask John to run out to the car we were called back. Too late. I remembered an application I downloaded on my phone called 'Toddler Trifling'. It is a great little app, worked wonders at holding his attention. He enjoyed popping bubbles and balloons on the little screen on the phone while John and I awaited our fate.

As I was laying on the table waiting to be told we are having one baby (I was quite certain that was the case) the ultrasound screen was turned towards the ultrasound tech so I couldnt see it. What I could see where her lips moving as she was counting to herself! I saw her mouth the words 'one...two...' and I asked myself "what on earth is she counting!?! Certainly not babies!". Then she said "well, right now I see three". OMG! THREE!?! Three WHAT?? In a very meek shaky voice I asked "three babies?". And she said that's what it looks like. I am not sure what I said after that. I think I cried a little, smiled a lot, and then my mind starting spinning and it hasnt stopped since!

My thoughts ranged from 'how amazing! we didnt get one miralce we got THREE', to 'OH MY GOD WE ARE HAVING THREE BABIES WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!'. As my mind is trying to wade through all the thoughts of the news I just heard I remembered John just heard the same thing. I looked at him and he kind of had a blank look. I'm pretty sure he was in shock! I told Quinn "Mommy is going to have three babies" and his response was "three girl babies?" which made me laugh! He'll regret that request in a few years if it becomes true!

It took quite awhile for the tech to take all the measurements on three so I had a bit of time to let it sink in before standing up. While I got dressed John was busy posting our news on facebook! The news was out before we even left the ultrasound room!

Now three days after finding out I think we are still in shock. We periodically look at each other and say "WE'RE HAVING TRIPLETS!"

Maybe tomorrow it will sink in....

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