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Sunday, June 12, 2011


For only being eight weeks, I sure am showing!! The babies are making their presence known! I really need to start taking some belly shots to track my progress.

I am anxious for Tuesday when we see if all three babies are growing. Once we find that out, we will get to planning, shopping, buying, etc. We also need to get Quinn transferred over to a twin or toddler bed.

I had such a nice visit with family yesterday for a cousin's graduation party! I am so proud of Brittany, she had an entire table filled with awards and medals and achievements. She really did well! I also really enjoyed connecting with some family that I only see once a year or so. Everyone sure was interested in my having triplets. A lot of people are excited to have triplets in the family!

I have decided to sell all my cloth diapers. I am sad about this! I just dont see us being able to coth diaper triplets. We used mostly pocket diapers so the stuffing of diapers after washing them takes awhile. Plus the time it takes to wash and dry them is just too much with triplets. And then thinking of packing a diaper bag with cloth for three babies sealed the decision to use disposables for the triplets. I hate putting all those diapers in landfills and spending all that money on the diapers. But honestly, there are some things we just need to go with what is going to make things just a little bit easier.

So, what has been on my mind lately??? Breastfeeding triplets! How. Am. I. Going. To. Do. It?? I know that it is soooo important for them to get the benefits of breast milk, especially since they are sure to be born small and early. So I am determined to provide them with the best thing that I can, and that is breast milk. In the beginning I'll have to pump while they are in NICU. Once they are home I am planning to nurse two at once while someone gives the other a bottle (of breast milk). I will rotate who receives the bottle so that one of them isnt always getting the bottle. I am sure I will have to supplement with formula some, but hopefully I will produce enough milk to nurse mostly. If anyone out there has tips on nursing three babies, I'm all ears!!

This week my appointments start... I have an appointment with the nurse tomorrow, and ultrasound Tuesday, then an appointment with my regular OB on Friday. Next Tuesday is my first appointment with my high risk MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine)doctor.


  1. I TOTALLY understand if you are not ready to commit to cloth for 3, however, I just want you to know I could put you in touch with more than one Mom that has successfully done it. I can hardly imagine, but just wanted to let you know. :)

  2. I know twins aren't like triplets, but I cloth diaper my twins. I did not do it at first and we do not use pocket diapers, so there is no stuffing involved. I can't imagine using cloth when they were newborns, but now I can't imagine using disposables. You might change your mind once your trio is here and a few months old.

    I also BF my two for 19 months. I pumped like crazy in the beginning and had more than enough milk for the 2 of them. I easily had enough for 3 or 4 kids. I made sure I was eating and drinking enough. It was crazy how many calories I ate in a day, but I kept losing weight, so I knew I needed it. Besides taking care of your own needs, I suggest using a really good pump. Your insurance may cover a hospital grade pump at least for a while. Definitely look into that and take advantage of it.

  3. You can cloth diaper triplets!

  4. You can breastfeed them, too

  5. Congrats! I found your blog on multiples and more and I remember being were you are now. Lots to think about for sure. I cloth diaper my triplets but we use a diaper service since I was too scared to try washing them myself. I also breastfeed all my babies but we supplement with formula as well. I had major supply issues at the beginning but was able to get it way up. If you ever want to chat or ask questions

    best wishes and I'll be following your blog!

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